3 questions and 1 thing you can do to get it right.

A recommender system that helped a shoe retailer to increase sales by more than 30%.

A story of Michelle, the shoe shopper

Let me tell you a story about Michelle.

Get a better machine learning model by teaching it the way you would teach a child.

  • Quality of data
  • Amount of data

Have the ability to understand machine learning systems at a glance.

  • Personalization and profiling
  • Predictions
  • Pattern recognition and anomaly detection
  • Natural language
  • Object identification
  • Goal achievement

1. Personalization and profiling

2 clear signals when machine learning is the right solution to help you.

When not to use machine learning?

We’ll give you 1 very easy way to know whether you should not use machine learning.

4 ways to tell if you’re being taken for a ride.

Custom-built software is expensive. When should you make the investment? Here’s one opinion.

What it’s like creating custom software

The fact is…

A 10-minute, easy-to-remember primer on regexes so that you can use them.

Recognizing a regex

There are many ways to denote the start and end of a regular expression. But a very common one is to enclose them with the / symbol. Like so:

The simplest regex

A simple explanation that you’ll understand immediately.

You run an antivirus to be safe online. But in fact, it might be making you less safe.

Eugene Ching

Founder of Qavar, an AI and cybersecurity company. We use machine learning to bring insights into your business, and defend you against digital threats.

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